Abstract Teddy Bears

Teddy Bear Antics
Teddy Bear Antics
These cute little teddy bears are for the 4x4 (100x100) hoop and stitch out quite quickly. There are 10 designs in this adorable set.
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These teddy bears are simply the cutest little guys you would ever want to see!

What child ever girl or boy and I know some teen girls would just love to have these teddy bears on a pillow, pajamas or even for the younger children on their pillow case and the top of their sheet. Teddy bears, teddy bears everywhere!

I know that teddy bears are so sweet and cuddly and so comforting to take to bed with you if you are a little one.

The colours on these teddy bears can be changed to your liking to meet the needs for your special person.

The idea of the outline being outside the design and not the normal way I feel adds some dimension to these whimsical little teddy bears. There is 10 designs in this set and will fit the 4×4(100×100) hoop.

I felt that these teddy bear designs were very interesting and that young and old would really like them. I had fun digitizing them and my testers really liked them as well. At first they found the teddy bear designs a little different than the normal because of the outlines deliberately being off. I liked that idea from the start and hope that you will take a second look at them as well.

Whatever the case may be and whatever the occasion may be these cute little teddy bears will fit the bill!


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