Redwork Swans

Redwork Swans
Redwork Swans
These Redwork Swans are absolutely breathtaking on linens etc. They fit into the 4x4(100x100) hoop and there is 10 designs in this set.
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These gorgeous Redwork Swans are just waiting to be stitched on some linens or items for gift giving!

Imagine receiving these swans on a set of pillowcases with the top of  the sheet matching the pillowcases!

These Redwork Swans can be so versatile and remind you of a lovely summer’s day while you walk in the park and on the lake beside you is a gaggle of swans.

You will see mommy and daddy and their brood of little ones just floating down the lake all together in a line.

We have a couple of families of swans at the lake and these beautiful Redwork swans remind me so much of them. They are an absolute delight to watch. I could sit there for hours and just watch these very graceful and elegant swans go by with not a care in the world!

One of my testers who is VERY creative, after testing them for me in Redwork decided to embroider them on some pillowcases using varigated thread. Wow! Just wait until you see them in the Projects section. They are utterly fantastic! I would love to have pillowcases that looked like they do!

There are so many ways to use these Redwork swans and I would love to see pictures of your projects showing me how and on what items you stitched them out.

So go ahead, embroider these swans and have fun doing them and then wait for all the compliments you will receive for a job well done!

Artwork by Clipartopolis

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