Puppy Tales

Puppy Tales
Puppy Tales
This set of 8 designs has 3 adorable puppies, some dog food , a bone, dog prints (those of us who live with dogs certainly have lots of these lol),and 2 sets of words to go with them. They all fit into the 4x4(100x100) hoop. They stitch out quite quickly. One of my testers first comments was" I see a quilt in the near future!
Price: $7.95

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These puppy embroidery designs will fill the heart and soul of anyone that love a puppy or puppy things!

The 8 puppy designs here are certainly very versatile and can be used in a variety of ways.

A quilt made with these puppy designs will surely be a winner in your little one’s book!

You know of course that the colours used here are only my ideas and they can be changed to reflect the colours that your little one likes the best or best suits the decor of the room where these puppy designs will be spending the most time.

Girls or boys will certainly love these puppy designs and the puppy items that go with them. Whether they are stiched on a t-shirt, a jacket, denim or even on cushions they will bring a smile to the young one’s face when they see that the finished item is for them!

I found these puppy designs to be rather different than the usual 8 or 10 puppy designs and nothing to go with them. Here you have words and everyone knows how a puppy just loves to give kisses to everyone and no one is ever left out of the face washing. Having a dog bone and a food bowl which are essentials when you have a puppy and yes I know that a water bowl is also an essential however not one was in the clipart.

Try putting them together as a collage on a jacket or even a quilt and see what they look like. As soon as my tester has made the quilt she spoke about I will be posting pictures of it for all to see.

Until then use your own creativity when embroidering these puppy designs and send us a picture of your finished product as we would love to see it!







Artwork by Trina



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    1. Jane Post author

      Thanks Barb and if it is ok with you I will post the picture of your quilt int the Projects section here.


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