FSL Ornaments 1-10

FSL Ornaments
FSL Ornaments
These FSL Ornaments can be used as bookmarks with a piece of pretty coloured ribbon running through the loop. Or a nice little "thank you" to someone who has done something nice or enexpected for you!
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Free standing lace has always been an enigma for me! It is so beautiful to look at however I was not so good at stitching it out!

Once you start doing free standing lace (fsl) you really don’t want to stop!  They are so delicate looking and absolutely beautiful!  My first one someone sent to me and I was in awe of it, how it looked and the fact that it could be done on an embroidery machine looking like lace and be free standing lace!

When I started digitizing the fsl I really didn’t know if it would stand the test of time however I had a very good friend test it for me and she said the design held up magnificently!  I was so pleased that I decided to do these ornamnets too!

These free standing lace ornaments are very eye catching and nice to be used as bookmarks as well as many other ideas.

So do come in and check them out and tell us what you found the free standing lace ornaments can be used for.

What about using them for thank you gifts for teachers, Sunday School, school .  Even using varigated colours for a different look would be very good too!

You see, free standing lace is very versatile and will be used with rememberance  once given.

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  1. Gittel Hunt

    I purchased the fsl bookmarks, had problems, only downloaded 1 then got a msg.I’ve reached my download limit. I need help getting what I paid for. I use PES.

    Thank you,



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