Bluework Tea Time 01-10

Bluework Tea Time 01-10
Bluework Tea Time 01-10
This delightful set of 10 designs is reminiscent of lazy crazy summer days out on the veranda. Having tea and pastries never tasted so good! These would look so good on linens or as a gift for a good friend! Come and take a look. They fit the 4x4(100x!00) hoop and stitch out quite quickly too!
Price: $9.95

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4 thoughts on “Bluework Tea Time 01-10

    1. Jane Post author

      When you open the design it will tell you both in mm and inches. Like #2 is approx 3.80 inches x 2.47 inches. That is my estimate.They are for the 4×4 hoop however they are somewhat smaller.
      Does this help you? If not let me know at and I will see what else I am able to do for you.



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