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My husband Mike and I have had  47 years together so far and hope for many more to come .  We have 5 children, all adults now.

Our family has grown slightly since then with  6 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren.

As another hobby we breed Canadian Kennel Club registered  Shih Tzu dogs and have for 25 years now. We have three that live with us.  There are several others fostered out as well.  We are slowly downsizing the breeding now and instead of 8-10 litters a year we now have one and that is plenty. In the next year or so we will be retiring from breeding completely.  Mike already  has his own retired dog named Tawny.

My male Grissom is an absolute sweetheart and Trixie is the last dog we bought. She has something like 28 out of 30 champions in her pedigree!

We will only breed her once or twice and she will be retired and live out her life with us.

We live in southern Ontario, Canada in a city called Cambridge with 129,000.  We are one hour west of Toronto.  That’s close enough to the big city for me!

I have been embroidering for about 10 years now and have sold designs on towel sets, t-shirts, sweatshirts,tablecloths and various other items.

I have been digitizing for about a year now and also have a Janome MP4 machine and a Janome 11000 SE. I must admit now that I have a four thread I am lazy about using the 11000 SE and changing every colour! Now that I am digitizing, something I thought I would never do, I am not stitching out as much as I would like to and I love to stitch out embroidery.

I started out collecting, like most of us, all the free designs I could get.  After a couple of years I became more choosey about what I liked and didn’t like and just because they were free didn’t always mean they were good!

I have a few other hobbies too. I am an avid reader and love mysteries, love to garden ( can you tell roses are my most favourite flower), knit, crochet and sew as well as embroidery and now digitizing.

This website is a dream of mine and I have surprised myself by being able to build this site myself as I have always claimed not to be technically minded! lol.  It is amazing what you can do if you only apply yourself! The sky is the limit!

We also have a 1978 Holiday Rambler 28 foot trailer in our church campground that I love going to and spend most of the summer up there with my “other ” family.

It is nice to get away from the grind and we pack up the dogs, my laptop and away we go!

Sew from me to you,

Happy Stitching!

Jane Dunne

4 thoughts on “About US

  1. Lauri Weaver

    Ok, I found it, was trying to find it through Facebook and it was not showing up that way…so I googled the name…lol….

    Pretty site….can’t wait till you get it finished.

    Good luck in your new venture.



  2. Dianne Barnum

    Hi, Just love your designs especially the Shih Tzu’s. We have a ShihTzu/Maltese mix who is almost 3. Chianne is so spoiled…..
    He is black and white and we love him dearly. He love to lie on my sewing table. Maybe he will learn machine embroidery. Have a blessed day.
    Dianne in MI

    1. Jane Post author

      Hi Dianne,
      Thanks so much for your kind words I do appreciate them! Yes they can become very spoiled can’t they lol!
      Mine don’t come up into my sewing room as it is upstairs and the three of them would just be in my way every time I turned around!
      Guess I need to clean out my room again! Oh well one day!



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